Dabpress 3/8″ Coupler Reducer Kit Fits For 10 & 12 Ton Presses


3/8″ Coupler Reducer Kit – A Pair of Couplers and A Piece of Reducer Included – 3PC in Total


  • Complete Kit – Including 1pc reducer and a pair of couplers for connection with a pump with 3/8″ male fitting on the hose.
  • A Pair of Coupler – We recommend removing the original male fitting on the hydraulic hose you had with the attached male coupler for nice working if possible.
  • Teflon Tape Included – Including a pack of Teflon tape in the package.

Packing List:

  • A piece of hydraulic cylinder reducer from male 1/4″ to female 3/8″
  • A pair of NPT 3/8″ coupler
  • A pack of Teflon tape


  • Due to 10 & 12-ton heat press including 1/4″ NPT coupler ( 1/4″ NPT threads on the cylinder ), so it doesn’t allow connecting a pump with 3/8″ NPT male on the hose. But by removing the female coupler on the cylinder and replacing it with 3/8″ coupler reducer kit, it is able to work to a 3/8″ pump.
  • 10, 12-ton heat press are unable to connect a pump with NPT 3/8″ male coupler on the hydraulic hose directly.
  • For connection with a 3/8″ pump, we offer the kind of 3/8″ coupler reducer kit for the process.
  • For the safety process, please put the paddle board on the working table, do not operate the unit by foot.

Instruction to Install This Kit:

  1. Simply remove the original NPT 1/4″ female coupler on the cylinder of heat press.
  2. Install the reducer kit after rolling Teflon tape into the hydraulic cylinder ( 3/8″ female coupler already installed on the reducer ).
  3. Please connect your 3/8″ pump to the unit to check out whether the unit works or not.
  4. If the cylinder doesn’t work well, we recommend replacing the original male coupler on the hydraulic hose with the male coupler we included.

Build An Automatic Rosin Press with 10 & 12 Ton Heat Press:

# Electric Hydraulic Pump:

  • Most of the durable electric pumps offer NPT 3/8″ coupler. So we won’t recommend a pump with NPT 1/4″ coupler here.
  • Required equipment – Electric hydraulic pump kit & 3/8″ coupler reducer kit.
  • About how to build it, please learn more from the Blog Post.

# Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump:

  • We recommend NPT 3/8″ and 1/4″ air hydraulic pump ( air compressor + pneumatic hydraulic pump ) to build automatic rosin press.
  • Required equipment – Air/hydraulic pump & Air compressor.




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