Dulytek DripTek Mount Stand for DHP7 Heat Press


Dulytek® Driptek (Driptech) Mount Stand is an optional attachment for the DHP7 Press (sold separately) that uses natural gravity to direct oil flow during pressing. The mount stand allows you to tilt your press up to 90 degrees and hold it in that position while fresh extract freely drips off the plates. The frame is not compatible with the early versions of the DHP7; it works with the V3 and V4 presses and later.

  • Works with DHP7 Heat Press To Allow Fresh Oil to Drip Off the Plates During Pressing
  • Save Time and Very Convenient for Wax Collecting; Guarantee to Work Wonderfully
  • Easy Tilting Like a Swing at Maximal 90 Degrees to Make Complete Dripping Off
  • Sturdy Mount Stand and Can Be Assembled in 5 Minutes




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