Ju1ceBox Rosin Press Starter Kit

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The Ju1ceBox provides industrial strength and a trusted 1 year warranty without blowing the budget. The size is kept compact, making it more suitable than table top units for rosin production at home or on the go. The unique sloped design prevents burning terpenes and directs the flow of the rosin for a quicker collection process. While the gradual heating process guarantees maximum achievable yields without a 2nd or 3rd press needed.

Many rosin presses have large plates that increase the total surface area and then require extreme pressures for success. Generally, only a fraction of the surface area is used, resulting in the rosin being trapped between the hot plates after leaving the starting material.

The size of our plates requires significantly less pressure making it easy to be done by hand while guaranteeing that 80% or more of the surface area is used in each press. This causes the rosin and wide variety of terpenes to exit the plates to a cool, safe zone immediately. In combination with our unique sloped design and heating process, this makes temperature control unnecessary.

Once pressure is locked in, and the unit is powered on, the plates will heat from room temperature to 250 degrees. Each terpene melts at a different temperature and will be pushed out one at a time outside the plates, this allows for the highest-quality rosin and maximum yield with only one press!

Choice Between

  • Ju1cestraw + 10 Rosin Bags (90 Micron) or
  • Stainless Steel Pre-press



  • 110/220volt – Ju1ceBox – 1″ x 1.5″ plates (ideal for 1-2 grams)
  • 30 Tickets (parchment paper cut to size)
  • 1 gram of Hemp Flower (Removed From International Orders)
  • 6″ Circle Dab Mat
  • Silicone Container & Sticker
  • Double-Sided 5″ Collection Tool


Following are some of the important pointers we would like to share with our customers regarding the functioning of our product:

Fire in = Fire out. Try our Ju1ceBox Farms flower strains for 20%+ yields.

Flower- We recommend pressing your herb into a small puck with your finger or pre-press and only press it one time. Apply the maximum hand pressure possible without strain.
Shake, kief, and hash- we recommend using our stainless-steel pre-press to make a puck and or using our 90-micron rosin bags.
Large press of 1-2 grams – We recommend using our stainless-steel pre-press and pre-pressing your material.

Leftovers or chips- Save the left-over chips and use them with our edible recipes.



Starter Set

Ju1ceStraw + 10 Rosin Bags, Stainless Steel Pre Press

Parchment Paper

None, 30 (+$4.99), 60 (+$8.99), 90 (+$12.99)

Rosin Bags

None, 10 (+$9.99), 30 (+$14.99)


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