Rosineer Cooling / Warming Plate with Silicone Case Mat, 6″ x 8″


Rosineer Cooling Plate is designed for cooling down freshly pressed rosin, preserving its valuable terpenes, and improving concentrate flavor. The cold plate makes runny oil stable and easy to work with. Refrigerate or freeze the plate for a few minutes while pressing rosin and then just place it under a piece of parchment paper and let your rosin cool. The plate can also be used as a warming plate to make solid, crumbly rosin more pliable and easy to work with. The product comes with a stylish silicone mat that protects the plate and your working surface, isolates it to keep the plate cold or warm for a longer period of time, and serves as a nonstick surface similar to any other silicone mat for working with rosin. The plate should be cleaned with soap and water and dry with a paper towel. Silicone mat is dishwasher safe.

Plate size, L x W x H 8 x 6 inch / 200 x 150 mm
Plate material Food grade aluminum
Cover material Food grade silicone




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